The Hussars put Eksjö on the map


Eksjö is actually the last garrison town in Småland. The epithet “the Hussar Town” shows that there is a long military tradition linked with The Royal Smålands’s Hussar Regiment and, of course Ränneslätt the regiment’s training area dating back to the 18th century.

To a lot of Swedish men who has served in the army, Ränneslätt is still very tangible… They all remember cold and rainy days exercising at Ränneslätt!

The Hussars, the light cavalry, originates from the old army horsemen. It was formed in 1543, shortly after Dackefejden, an historical rebellion in which the king Gustav Vasa was almost defeated, But it is during the 17 th century that the Hussars of Småland give themselves a reputation; they fight successfully in Wallhof 1626, Lützen 1632 and even make their name famous in battles in Helsingborg 1720 and at Svenskesund 1790.

The Hussars move to new quarters in 1906, the present Ing 2. Shortly after The great War the Hussars time was over and one of the oldest cavalry regiment in Europe was disbanded 1927.
The statue of the equestrian at Stora torget (Main Square) from 1929, is an historical symbol for the Hussars time in Eksjö. It shows what a fully equipped cavallerist looked like in 30-year war. The Hussar day is celebrated every year in June with pomp and circumstance for audience, which proves that this part of our history is still very much alive.