Come to Eksjö and “take a hike” :-)

Have you ever heard the saying „the dark Småland“? Do you believe in that saying? Those who have once visited Eksjö no longer does. What they believe in, and remember is the feeling of light, water and impressive views. The lakes and the forest are undoubtely dominating the Smålandish highlands, and the wild undisturbed nature attracts you in in a very special way. You will find mile after mile with undisturbed pine and spruce forest, but you will also find an archipelago of quiet lakes glimmering, glittering, and reflecting beams of sunshine.

To hike in Eksjö municipality is to hike through time. All the mounds of stones and stone fences witness of the toil of cultivators from centuries past. As you hike around you can imbibe the beauty of the Smålandish landscape and feel the touch of history at the same time.
The hiking trails of Eksjö municipality run through various types of ground, and therefore the different parts of the trails differ in degree of difficulty. Along the trails you will find resting-places and wind shelters.

Hiking trails in Eksjö municipality:

Emilleden follows long streches of the old church road between Lönneberga and Hässleby churches. The trail is marked with a sign with the picture of a blue boot on and is about 40 kilometers long. It sometimes runs through forest on barely visible paths, sometimes on roads, past farms and fields and pastures with grazing animals. The trail runs through a borderland, through two parishes: Lönneberga and Hässleby, two municipalities: Hultsfred and Eksjö, and two counties: Jönköping and Kalmar.
The trail runs through a country with an old history, where some villages have remained on the same spots since the 14th century. A country with many small farms where today one single farmer will often use the land of one or several villages.

You can find an overview map and some more information in Swedish on this website:

A 440 kilometer long hiking trail that is also called “The trail of views”. Along the trail you can see many different things. There are big forests, open fields, meadows, lakes and bogs. Höglandsleden stretches all through the Smålandish highlands and consists of different parts. The trail is marked with orange colour and blue square signs with a picture of two hikers in the middle.

Maps for Höglandsleden can be found at all tourist informations in the Smålandish highlands and you can also download maps for the parts of it that are in Eksjö municipality, as pdf-files from the following page:

Here you can get hiking maps:
Eksjö Tourist Information, Norra Storgatan 29B, 0381-361 70
Mariannelund Tourist Information, Verdandigatan 5, 0496-216 90