Explore Skurugata

What if there really is a hidden shotgun in the lair of Tjuva-Jösse the robber? What if trolls and all sorts of unnatural half-beings still hide behind the large rocks and boulders?

Walking up the steep path throuhg the 800 m long Skurugata ravine is an exciting experience. Here nature is as scary and imaginative as in all the fairy tales, and is a lot easier to believe! Above the deep gorge is Skuruhatt, which offers milewide views over the surrounding Småland landscape. This is one of Småland’s highest points, some 337 m above sea level.

Skurugata, which is one of the most amazing geological formations in the area, is a 800 m long, 7 to 24 m wide, rock ravine. Standing between the precipitous rock walls, which in some places are 35 m high, makes you feel very small! There is some uncertainty about the origin of this ravine, but the most probable explanation is that it was eroded during the retreat of the inland ice; other suggested explanations are that it is a natural rift or fault.
Before you walk through the ravine, we advise you to take the pathway up to Skuruhatt, one of Småland’s highest points, some 337 m above sea level, and experience the panoramic views. This is also the location of a commemorative stone of the writer Albert Engström. As a child, Albert often played here, and this fascinating area became for him synonymous with the very essence of Småland.
The rock structure consists of beautiful grey-brown and dark-brown porphyry, tinged with red, basically course-grained and containing some quartz and brick-red traces of feldspar. The local flora is characterised by the prevalence of different species of lichens, some of which are otherwise only found in the northern mountains, but thriving here because of the unique climatic circum-stances above and in the depths of the ravine, where snow can remain until Midsummer in late June.
At the far end of the ravine is Skurukälla, where you can quench your thirst with crystal-clear spring water.

In olden days, the ravine was thought to be haunted by trolls and bands of robbers. However, these were all driven away by the sound of the Smalandia Grenadiers marching through with their flags flying and drums beating. But the old tales still prevail, and somewhere an old shotgun is hidden which reputedly once belonged to a cunning thief known as Tjuva-Jösse who ransacked nearby farms. The person who eventually finds this old gun will have great happiness and success in his or her future life!

From the view on top of the cliff, it is about 1 hour’s walk through the ravine back to the parking place. But as there is so much to see and learn, this is only an estimated time! We recommend you to wear wellingtons or walking shoes (boots) and suitable clothing as there are rocks, stones, fallen trees and other obstacles which you may have to negotiate. The car park has picnic seats and tables, and toilet facilities.