Eksjö town walks

Join a town walk tour or discover this cosy setting on your own in one of the best preserved wooden towns in Sweden. Experience the Old Town, winding alleys and exciting buildings.

Wednesday 28 June 201720170628140014.00 – 15.00Eksjö Infocenter
Friday 30 June 201720170630140014.00 – 15.00Eksjö Infocenter
Wednesday 5 July 201720170705140014.00 – 15.00Eksjö Infocenter
Friday 7 July 201720170707140014.00 – 15.00Eksjö Infocenter
Wednesday 12 July 201720170712140014.00 – 15.00Eksjö Infocenter
Friday 14 July 201720170714140014.00 – 15.00Eksjö Infocenter
Wednesday 19 July 201720170719140014.00 – 15.00Eksjö Infocenter
Friday 21 July 201720170721140014.00 – 15.00Eksjö Infocenter
Wednesday 26 July 201720170726140014.00 – 15.00Eksjö Infocenter
Friday 28 July 201720170728140014.00 – 15.00Eksjö Infocenter
Wednesday 2 August 201720170802140014.00 – 15.00Eksjö Infocenter
Friday 4 August 201720170804140014.00 – 15.00Eksjö Infocenter
Wednesday 9 August 201720170809140014.00 – 15.00Eksjö Infocenter
Friday 11 August 201720170811140014.00 – 15.00Eksjö Infocenter

These walks take you on a tour of the beautiful Eksjö Old Town and its 600-year heritage. Learn all about the people, the crafts, the plagues and the fires – and the typical wooden buildings and their fascinating history, for example, “Krusagården”, “Societetshuset” and “Vaxblekaregården”. Eksjö is the very essence of a town formed and developed during the period of Sweden's great power. The majority of the lots in Old Town dates back to the late 16th century. Many of the houses were built from mid- 1700's and onwards. Arendt de Roy is the same person as Arendt Byggmästare (master builder) and it is when you walk on "his street that you can see and breathe the busy street life that has taken part here for the past 400 years. Let's take a walk on the cobbled streets, from the river bridge up to the church. Maybe you will catch the soul of Eksjö and of times gone by.

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