Aschanska Gården

A unique home from the last century. The farmhouse who belonged to the family Aschan contains an intact home with emphasis on the later half of the 1800s.

When walking around the house you can get a sense that someone from the family can come home at any minute! Most of it remains untouched since the Aschan family lived here. Join us on a tour of the family's home. Menus, recipes, and business cards tells of festive dinners in the dining room. One can almost hear the quiet murmur, piano music and the crackling of the fire in the stove. The christmas tours in December is especially appreciated. When the tree is dressed and the good table is set. When the dining rooms table is set many remember their childhood christmas. The guided tours at 1pm are in swedish and at 4pm in english.

Aschanska Gården
Aschanska Gården
Aschanska Gården


20th of June to 20th of August: Daily tours in English at 4 pm. (In Swedish at 1 pm)

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