• Welcome to Eksjö

  • Welcome to Eksjö

Welcome to Eksjö

The idyllic town of Eksjö, in the province of Småland, is set among virgin forests. The whole municipal area stretches from the 600-year old wooden town of Eksjö in the west, to Mariannelund in the east, which is on the border of Vimmerby.

The area offers a great variety of exciting tourist destinations Eksjö is well-known for its many events and festivals. There is a vibrant cultural life and many interesting museums in all the country districts. The quaint wooden town of Eksjö is a unique and living cultural setting in its own right, and is one of Sweden’s best preserved building heritage sites.

The surrounding landscape, with its primeval forests, interspersed with lakes and pastures, offers recreation and added quality of life. There are activities for all, everything from relaxing angling to adventurous hiking in the gorges of Skurugata and Skröle Hie. The lakes allow many opportunities for bathing and swimming, and you may even find your ‘own’ secluded place.

Eksjö may not have a hectic nightlife. However, the old wooden town offers many different events attracting tens of thousands of visitors. One example is the traditional Christmas Market on the second Sunday in Advent. Another is the two-day Town Festival in August witth Sweden’s top artists and local talents performing on several stages. It is easy to wax lyrical about this charming and welcoming town with its unique mix of cosy cafés and friendly small shops, where you are always given a warm welcome.

Where roads meet, people meet. Eksjö was already a long time ago the crossroad point between two main roads: the north southbound from Stockholm to the coastal land of Småland and Blekinge, and the east-westbound that links the Kattegatt to the Baltic Sea. Road 40 between Jönköping-Västervik spans the county from east to west, and crosses road 32 in Eksjö, which connects Mjölby-Vetlanda in a north-south direction.

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